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Let's Learn Dog Massage

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Tight muscles are weak and can cause compensatory issues, increasing the risk of injury. Further enhance your cool-down routine with 4 powerful fundamental massage techniques to: 

 Restore shortened muscles back to the original length 
Increase relaxation and reduce anxiety
Improve regeneration and performance 

Just for you, I'm including an EXTRA BONUS : Passive Range of Motion Exercises


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Join 3749+ satisfied Dogs4Motion Academy Members who LOVE our courses!

»I liked this course very much. It is clear, useful and effective. It gives me a clear plan on how I can do warm-up and cool-down correctly. It’s very important for sports dogs. I specifically like a part about how to check canine athletes and stretch & mobility. I recommend this course for both beginner and advanced sportsman, for everyone who cares about their dog.«

Elena Murashova

»During the course, I improved my knowledge of specific exercises to warm-up all the muscle groups necessary for my dogs performance in the OB ring. As a result, I will adapt my existing warm-up routine with new exercises to help my dog perform even better - in training and competitions! But more importantly, I will definitely start using cool-down routines - something we mostly tend to forget. Your focus on cool-down has convinced me of the importance of this particular part of training/competing. I definitely recommend this course for all handlers doing any kind of obedience work with their dogs.«

Staša Pardubsky

»No doubt that this course has helped me to get a much better warm-up/cool-down routine at our competitions. It made me realize many things and I keep studying this and a lot more.«

Lise Skipper Møller

»This course gives me a routine to follow. It is so simple to learn and repeat every time. So now I never forget to do any of the exercises before training and competitions. The routine makes me confident as I know I’m doing the correct thing to warm up my dog. I know when to begin the warm-up before we enter the ring, because I know exactly how much time it takes. Now, I enter the ring being more relaxed and concentrated; I feel less competition stress because me and my dog are already connected and my dog is more focused, with a good level of arousal, not too low or too high. I like the course very much because Jana explains what we have to focus on very well. The videos are pleasant to watch and it is very easy to learn the exercises and the routine. The additional part I liked the most is the section on how to check if a dog has a problem using the easy range of motion moves I can perform myself. This course changed how I begin every training and competition. I suggest every handler enrolls in this course, for the wellbeing of their dog and for the good feeling you both can achieve.«

Laura Ceccolini

»Awesome course! I am a total newbie when it comes to dog sports. This course helped me to understand the importance of warm-up and cool-down routine and how properly to do it.«

Alina Kuznesova

»This course has helped me very much to know how to do a good warm-up/cool-down for obedience.«

Daniela Dionísio

»This is an excellent course! I can help my students apply this to all their performance outlets.«

Libby Smith

»Good overview of the importance and techniques of warm up and cool down. I got some great ideas to add for my warm-up routine. Thanks!«

Tiiu Toijala

»Very helpful, easy and clear: what to do, how to do and what to avoid: a perfect routine.«

Debora Severo
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