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»Must-know for each competitor! Such an important topic to prevent injuries and get the best possible performance of each agility dog!«

Anne Lenz

»After this video course I am more able and conscious how to prepare my dogs before and after every training and competition. I am happy to give them all the time and preparations they need in order to enjoy the sport together, with less possible injuries and the best performance!«

Laura Ceccolini

»I like that the exercises are clear and simple. It’s great to get things more into a system, knowing how much and when to do each exercise. Before I was always unsure about how to warm up and cool down when running multiple runs a day at a competition or a seminar. Now I have a plan as I now have an idea about how long the perfect warmup should last.«

Jane Elene Christensen

»This is the best warm up/cool down resource I have come across. It gives a clear programme for both warming up, cooling down, and post event stretches. It goes into great detail and explains every move and its reason behind it. I would highly recommend!«

Karen Lawlor
United Kingdom

»The tips are practical, well explained, and the videos provide close up detail on exactly how to perform the exercises. Since using this info, I notice better recovery in my dogs from training sessions, and I feel better too knowing I am doing my best for them!«

Linda Barton

»Perfect routines! I think this routine is necessary for everybody who is doing sport with their dogs, it's really necessary for prevention injuries, increase performance and for a big results!«

Sergio Rodriguez Soneira

»Clear, detailed, useful. I knew "something" about warming up and cooling down dogs, yet this course have brought much more into it and made it finally clear for me, with additional knowledge about stretching. Very cool.«

Krystyna Tokaruk

»Loved the course. Afterwards I feel like I have the knowledge how to warm up and cool down all specific parts of my dogs bodies. Jana explains everything very detailled and I am really happy that I invested the time for my dogs fitness and health.«

Anja Bachem

»A complete and clear course on how to properly warm up and cool down a dog before agility training or competition, which is very important for dog’s health and performance. Would recommend to every sport dog owner.«

Lucie Flageollet

»You must have this knowledge! Very useful and interesting information that everybody doing any kind of dog sports should know about!«

Mariya Makushina
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